File Allocation Unit Size – A Myth

The overall meaning of “Allocation Unit Size” in brief is….

The default allocation unit size on a windows drive is 4KB. When we format the drive, we can set that to a larger size – again 64KB is recommended for SQL Server data, log, and tempdb files.
The allocation unit size is basically the smallest unit of storage that any individual file can take up. If I set the allocation unit size on a drive to 64KB and then create a tiny text file which only takes up 11 bytes, that one file will take up 64KB on disk.

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SQL Query – Find size for all tables in a Database

We have system procedure to get size information. Continue reading

SQL Query – Find a Column from all the Tables

Here is the query to find a particular column in all the tables for given database.
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Less Server Memory? – Technical Steps to avoid increasing more memory

“Century Gothic” font & Memory chapter in regards to SQL Server is one of my favorite & I always preferred to reduce the CPU & memory pressure by analysing queries running for long time Continue reading

Multiple Transaction log files, Pros & Cons…

There is no performance benefit having multiple log files…We just need to make sure, that growth is set correctly. 

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Unable to Shrink Tempdb Data and Log files

Unable to Shrink Tempdb Data files have grown large.

You may receive this error message.

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Convert Query Execution Plan XML to Graphical View

Convert Your SQL Server Query Execution Plan from XML to Graphical View Continue reading