Report Services instance could not be found

If you are getting this error message when trying to connect to Reporting Services from Management Studio.

“The Report Services Instance could not be found (Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.UI.RSClient)”

From the operating system go to

Start> Programs> Microsoft SQL Server 2005> Configuration Tools> Reporting Services Configuration

Go to the Reporting Services Configuration Manager and set the web service identity, also set the windows service identity. By settings these in the configuration manager you will ensure the service has permissions to all the folders it needs access to.

Hi there,

Even I had the same problem. When I looked in the Reporting Services Configuration I had some “red icons”. I fixed those things and resolved this issue completely.




2 Responses

  1. The error I am getting is SQL Server 2008. What is the Windows Service identity? Because I do not see the entries under the Windows Service identity.

  2. Could you provide screen shots for this process? Thank You.

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