Script all jobs on SQL 2005 and 2008 Server

In SQL Server 2000, there is an option to script out all jobs in an instance. That option disappeared in SQL Server 2005.

You can still do it.

In Object Explorer, click on Jobs folder. Then go to the Object Explorer Details window. All jobs in this instance will be listed there. Select all, and pick script jobs from the right click context window, and you will get all jobs in one nice script.

Thanks 🙂



2 Responses

  1. what does it means…what is use of scripts…

    • Hey Bhanu,

      Thanks for your inputs on this article…

      Looks like you have never done any migration or upgradation..

      When there is a need to transfer all the jobs from one place to another we either have to transfer msdb database or other way we can transfer by script out all the jobs from one server to another.

      Thanks with regards


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