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Start SQL Server in Single User Mode

Today I received a mail from one of my Blog reader. He wanted to know how to start SQL Server in Single User mode?

So today, I am going to explain how we can start the SQL Server in Single User Mode. It is quite straight-forward actually.

Go to SQL Server Configuration Manager--> Select SQL Server Services--> Select the SQL Server instance (that you want to start in Single User) --> Right Click--> Select Properties--> Go to the Advanced Tab--> Add '-m;' before existing parameters in the Startup Parameters. Do not forget to semi-comma after '-m' and do not add any spaces as well.

After all the above steps are complete then restart the SQL Services. Once the SQL Server is in Single User Mode then we will able to connect to the SQL using sqlcmd from command-prompt.

Hope this helps.


Subhro Saha


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