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SQL Server : How to move or add Tempdb data and log files


– TempDB has grown big and the current disk drive does not have enough space.
– Adding TempDB data file to another physical drive helps to improve performance, as they can be read simultaneously.

Solution : Here I have tried to explain how can we move tempdb data files from one place to another. Continue reading


Single query to grant Read/Write/View permissions to all stored procs

–For SQL Server 2005 and above Continue reading

Major performance counters to look for

Below are some major perfmon counters with thresholds to be analyzed for SQL Server behaviour. Continue reading

Replication General Errors

Msg 2560, Level 16, State 9, Procedure sp_MSremoveidrangesupport, Line 88
Parameter 1 is incorrect for this DBCC statement.
Msg 20025, Level 16, State 1, Procedure sp_dropmergepullsubscription, Line 339
The publication name must be unique. The specified publication name ‘MainSync’ has already been used.
Msg 14056, Level 16, State 1, Procedure sp_dropmergepullsubscription, Line 426
The subscription could not be dropped at this time

Solution : Continue reading



Here I would like to give a performance benefit at very small/basic level. Continue reading

SQL server 2005- Backup Maintenance Plan Steps

Set Up For Database Maintenance Plan – Backup SQL Server 2005 by Neeraj Kathuria

Continue reading