SQL Query – Find size for all tables in a Database

We have system procedure to get size information. Continue reading


SQL Query – Find a Column from all the Tables

Here is the query to find a particular column in all the tables for given database.
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Less Server Memory? – Technical Steps to avoid increasing more memory

“Century Gothic” font & Memory chapter in regards to SQL Server is one of my favorite & I always preferred to reduce the CPU & memory pressure by analysing queries running for long time Continue reading

Unable to Shrink Tempdb Data and Log files

Unable to Shrink Tempdb Data files have grown large.

You may receive this error message.

File ID of database ID cannot be shrunk as it is either being shrunk by another process or is empty Continue reading

SQL Server Backup Format

Below given codes will create a standard Backup File in the designated disk. Continue reading

SQL Server Performance – Explained

No doubt, sometime we get confused on what to check and what not to check when we get to know any performance issue….

Generally we just take on everything and start doing our analysis, which is not recommended. Continue reading

SQL Server 2005 Dedicated Administrator Connection

Microsoft SQL Server provides a dedicated administrator connection (DAC). The DAC allows an administrator to access a running instance of SQL Server Database Engine to troubleshoot problems on the server—even when the server is unresponsive to other client connections. The DAC is available through the sqlcmd utility and SQL Server Management Studio. The connection is only allowed from a client running on the server. No network connections are permitted. Continue reading