SQL Server 2012 – List of Bugs – Are you aware of ?

SQL Server 2012 is a latest version of relational database management system (RDBMS) from Microsoft, designed for the enterprise environment.  It comprises a set of programming extensions to enhance the SQL, a standard interactive and programming language for updating a database.

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SQL Server High Availability – A Right Decision

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Database in Suspect Mode – SQL Server

What to do when the database is corrupt or goes to suspect mode

1. Don’t panic
2. Don’t detach the database
3. Don’t restart SQL
4. Don’t just run repair.
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Refresh database from SQL 2008 to SQL 2005 by using import/Export

Today I got request refresh database from Production to QA; my production server is SQL 2008 R2 and QA environment is SQL 2005. Well is it possible to downgrade database version or try to make SQL fool by detaching and attaching data and log files from higher version to lower. Database on SQL 2008 has bit different file structure and system tables and SQL 2005 does not understand the SQL 2008 structure hence cannot restore or attach/detach. Continue reading

SQL Server – Lock Pages in Memory

This security setting determines which accounts can use a process to keep data in physical memory, which prevents the system from paging the data to virtual memory on disk. Exercising this privilege could significantly affect system performance by decreasing the amount of available random access memory (RAM). Continue reading

Start SQL Server in Single User Mode

Today I received a mail from one of my Blog reader. He wanted to know how to start SQL Server in Single User mode?

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SQL Server : How to move or add Tempdb data and log files


– TempDB has grown big and the current disk drive does not have enough space.
– Adding TempDB data file to another physical drive helps to improve performance, as they can be read simultaneously.

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