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    This is journey of a SQL DBA. I now work as a Sr. Database Architect and Solution Consultant, generally in performance tuning, clustering or high availability. The opinions expressed herein are my own personal opinions through real time experience.

    Amit Vaid

SQL Server Backup Format

Below given codes will create a standard Backup File in the designated disk. Continue reading


SQL Server : Point – in – Time Recovery

How to perform point-in-time-recovery? Continue reading

Quick Way to Create Single Table Backup

There are several ways to create backup for a single table in SQL Server database. In SQL Server 2008, now you can create insert statements for selected tables. Beside this Export wizard is commonly used to create a flat file backup for a single table. Both methods are reliable but still time consuming. And when I searched for quickest method to take backup of a single table I found following code by SQL Expert Fred. Continue reading

Routine Backup & Restore Queries

The following is the query for recent 100 records for database backups.
you get results by changing backup type below

D= Full backup
L= T-Log backup
I=Incremental or Differential Continue reading

SQL server 2005- Backup Maintenance Plan Steps

Set Up For Database Maintenance Plan – Backup SQL Server 2005 by Neeraj Kathuria

Continue reading

SQL Server Backup and Restore

Back to Basics with SQL LiteSpeed

by Amit Vaid

One of the most important aspects for a database environment is ensuring reliable backups are being executed and a dependable recovery plan is established in the event of a system failure or data corruption. Continue reading