SQL Server Backup Format

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SQL Server : Point – in – Time Recovery

How to perform point-in-time-recovery? Continue reading

SQL Server Performance – Explained

No doubt, sometime we get confused on what to check and what not to check when we get to know any performance issue….

Generally we just take on everything and start doing our analysis, which is not recommended. Continue reading

SQL Server 2005 Dedicated Administrator Connection

Microsoft SQL Server provides a dedicated administrator connection (DAC). The DAC allows an administrator to access a running instance of SQL Server Database Engine to troubleshoot problems on the server—even when the server is unresponsive to other client connections. The DAC is available through the sqlcmd utility and SQL Server Management Studio. The connection is only allowed from a client running on the server. No network connections are permitted. Continue reading

SQL Server 2012 – List of Bugs – Are you aware of ?

SQL Server 2012 is a latest version of relational database management system (RDBMS) from Microsoft, designed for the enterprise environment.  It comprises a set of programming extensions to enhance the SQL, a standard interactive and programming language for updating a database.

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SQL Server High Availability – A Right Decision

Is your proposed HA solution is still pending for approval?? Continue reading

Database in Suspect Mode – SQL Server

What to do when the database is corrupt or goes to suspect mode

1. Don’t panic
2. Don’t detach the database
3. Don’t restart SQL
4. Don’t just run repair.
5. Run an integrity check Continue reading