SQL Server High Availability – A Right Decision

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Start SQL Server in Single User Mode

Today I received a mail from one of my Blog reader. He wanted to know how to start SQL Server in Single User mode?

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Scenario:  A couple of days back, when we were setting up a DR plan for one of our most mission critical DB server which was hosting around 10 databases having size of 10,23,5,7.4,1.8,6.2,7.9,5.53,8.7 and 125 GB respectively. I decided to implement Log Shipping as a part of the DR strategy because the DR server (Secondary Server) was never going to be used for Reporting purpose; therefore Log Shipping was the best choice. Implementing Log Shipping for small databases is relatively Simple as one can easily do it using the GUI but for large database GUI is not a good option as the database on the destination server will be always out of sync. So a question arises on “How do we accomplish this task?”. In this article, I am going to explain you’ll the detailed steps which we followed to implement the same. Continue reading

Encrypt and Decrypt the columns in table – SQL Server 2005

In a company have been asked to encrypt the few critical table columns contains containing sensitive data like Credit Card No, SSN even monthly generated payslip amount. Using SQL Server 2005 or 2008 we can encrypt data using different algorithms by creating symmetric and asymmetric keys. Continue reading